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A poem for a friend I never met in person.

Shiva for you (remembering Alan S)2

Typewriter5by Dryden21 Oct 2015

spiders slide in
like water
spying one we cry, “Interloper!”
heel it to a black smudge
but not you we
mocked you that day at Peet’s

yet you shrugged

“I let them go. I’m a Quaker that way.”

winked us a quote:

"If you want to live and thrive
let the spider run alive."

i did not wonder

just laughed with the rest but
now i do remembering
your news - how you spun the tune
of a little spider crawling
up your water spout
how no amount of water could wash
this cozy spider out after
all what does a spider care for a shrouded mirror
when it can't recognize its own image?
and what of doors
unlocked or

even so
your quiet, boundless soul
found an anchor - caught a hold
like Whitman's spider ever-spinning
flung rainbow threads