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From Gretna, MB, Canada

“I’m reluctant to explain to myself how a poem gets going, but it’s about being on the look-out.” (Billy Collins) Several years ago I found myself, quite unexpectedly, in the grip of poetry. I have always been drawn to language and literature, but my reading choices seldom included poetry. As a high school English teacher I have taught the genre for years, but it seems a long journey over those years was necessary to bring me to a point of heightened interest. I now find myself thinking about poetry a great deal...poems I have read, the poets who dreamed them, what poetry means as a way of understanding, what I might write about and how. So, now I experiment, exploring various forms, primarily free verse. My poems focus on various topics of everyday experience including: ~how life is affected by the geography of where I live ~relationships, and ~philosophical reflections related to the human condition. Themes treated in a variety of literary forms are often sources of inspiration.

What inspires me?

Family.The Minutiae of Everyday Life.Nature.The Wonderful Writings of Others.Music.Childhood.

My best line

Best? Who knows? One of my favourites:yet you are only almost visiblelike a water-thin reflection or a film of clouds backlit by the inconstant moon

Top 5 poets

  1. Don McKay
  2. Alden Nowlan
  3. William Shakespeare -typical, I know
  4. Robert Frost -ditto typical
  5. Poet of the latest poem to grab me.

Top 5 poems

  1. Some Functions of a Leaf -Don McKay
  2. The Mysterious Naked Man -Alden Nowlan
  3. The Skater -Charles G. D. Roberts
  4. The Coffin -Donald W. Baker
  5. Love Poem 206 -Thomas Trofimuk