Some Words and Emotions

Screenshot_2016-08-18-17-17-08by Anonymously Anonymous27 Sep 2016

A pen and a paper,
And playful, happy capers.
The words and emotions,
Some inspiration, aspirations and motivation.

A heart full of grudges,
A hand now dull with scars,
A mind with vivid thoughts,
A life tangled with knots.

A light full of hope,
A bridge still there to cope,
The truth full of sweetness,
The lies full of thorns.

A rose which is black,
The book kept in the shack.
The cries in the dark,
The bite of the shark,
The tree and it's bark.
The needle which is sharp

The wound which was healed,
The emotions now concealed,
The times when I was told,
That inner beauty never gets old.