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Inspired by an improbable quote from the physicist Richard Feynman (included as epigraph to the poem) and by my partner and lover.

This Morning's Man

Imageby Mike Snider17 Sep 2013

"So what is this mind of ours: what are these
atoms with consciousness? Last week's potatoes!"
(Richard Feynman, "The Value of Science," 1955)

Not the same man I was last week, I’m teaching
Breakfast how to love you, so next week’s man
Will still love next week’s you and fry a pan
Of bacon for us both, a carnal preaching
Of choirs to choirs, our serial selves all reaching
Out to a fruitful world from which we can
Contrive to feed love’s starved attention span
With chance organic changes, true I Ching.
It’s wonderful, this fleshly mystery,
And wonderful we’ve solved some trivial part—
Not you and I, this we, but apes like us—
So wonderful that we have learned to see,
With patience, hard-won skill, and cunning art,
That emptiness is all and glorious.

Recently published in the Danish book of essays on science and culture, Ekkorommet, by Stig Jørgensen.