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Mike Snider

From Dameron, Maryland

I make my living writing software, but mandolin and poetry are my passions. My poems have appeared in The Louisville Review, Matrix, Columbia, the chapbook anthology Rhymes for Adults, Big River Review, some other places I don't remember, and most recently in a collection of essays by Stig Jørgensen: The book's in Danish, my sonnet "This Morning's Man" being the longest passage of English in the book. Most of my work is formal, meaning metrically organized, and more often than not it rhymes.

What inspires me?

How fine it feels to finish a poem.

My best line

The whole poem makes lines work, and I do a lot of enjambment. Here's my current favorite opening lines, from my sonnet "This Morning's Man": Not the same man I was last week, I’m teaching Breakfast how to love you, so next week’s man Will still love next week’s you and fry a pan Of bacon for us both ...