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It's a brand new year and this poem tells why I'm thankful for being here.

A Brand New Year

Shareby Milton L Robertson10 Jan 2017

My Heavenly Father it's a brand new year, I'm still here, by your Heavenly Grace, that's perfectly clear. Still there's fear because I'm stuck in first gear, so in 2017 with so much unseen, on you I'll have to lean in order to stay clean.
Now I'm asking for your blessings, for your strength to preserve and a change of atmosphere.

Yes Lord, I want to spread my wings, grab the golden rings, there's songs to sing here comes spring. Thus I want to stay on board, keep traveling upward, if to you I keep coming toward there's a great and beautiful reward.

But I'm all mixed up and it's a bitter cup, for this stage in my life is new which keeps me wondering what to say, what to do? I want my mind to stop churning to be discerning and obtain understanding while learning. So in Lord Jesus name I do pray, but HEY, I'm already headed the right way.

Although I'm in a world that's totally material, where what you have makes you imperial while boarding on insanity because it's all vanity, like trying to apprehend the wind.

Without you Lord the world's success is hollow many loose their way trying to follow while finding it's a very bitter pill to swollow.

Still we kill ourselves for Earthly treasures, trying to aquire them by any means, any measure cause the flesh is all about pleasure.

After living the way of the world and constantly stumbling, hard lessons I've learned which have been humbling and I thank you Lord for under the circumstances you gave me a second chance.

I'm tired of going wrong it's time to live right in Lord Jesus name I pray for insight, to make my life complete, standing on solid concrete and to be discrete.

You are my Heavenly Father and the best of friends who is with me until the very end. So I thank you again, for being so kind, coming right on time and giving me my rapid fire rhymes.

For making things clear and giving me another Blessed Year. In Lord Jesus Name which I do acclaim, who deserves all the fame and may you forever rein. AMEN...