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This is about the tests of Life and going about it Right.

To Be Wise

Shareby Milton L Robertson15 Jan 2017

What makes a person wise? The schemes they devise or knowing life's true prize? I've heard early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Now if being wise is, showing experience, good judgement and knowledge, can you be wise without going to college? I mean, does it really matter, how, you climb the ladder? Are some ways wise, while others you will certainly meet your demise? You decide.

You see, there was a man of wealth who stepped on everything even good health, chasing his wealth. He lied, he cheated, he stole trying to reach his goal. While working his fingers to the bone, with far too much pride wanting to be known and reaching for a false throne.

Although he was trying to make a good impression in a world ruled by obsession, where you are judged by your possessions. But success he did achieve, still he grieve, feeling a bit naive. While having parties off the chain, looking at faces of cellophane, thinking, was it all in vain, trying his best to stay sane.

Now he can no longer hide the pain inside, health fading fast, how long will he last? With no one to talk to, thinking, what shall I do? Because in his world it's a must to have a lack of trust. So he can't let anyone get too close, looking at faces of ghosts and feeling so alone like he has stepped into the twilight zone. He's thinking about putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger, for he also know his wife is just a gold digger. In this twisted society does wisdom come in different varieties? Did he attain life's true prize? Again, you decide.

And on the same token there was a woman that refused to be broken. Life, she truly did adore even though she grew up poor. But good values her mom did instill, while taking her to church so a good life she could build. She had no idea that what she was taught would cause her dreams to be fulfilled.

Now her so called friends, would taunt her and her dreams they tried to slam, saying, if you want to hang with us you have to get with the program. Even though her feelings were bruised she flat out refused, so they hissed and they booed trying their best to make her come unglued but what they didn't know, the young woman was Shrewd.

For she knew, on the surface it looked like fun but when you hit that brick wall you're all done. There were times she wanted to stray but she would remember what her mom would say, go to your self and pray, she was able to make another day.

But her friends, wanted to party and swing, shake their groove thing and little in life they did achieve because they were far too busy deceiving and being deceived. While they were on there way down, she had her head held high and started to fly, very high. Now she stands tall, her life complete, with men chasing her, their at her feet and her life is very sweet.

Was she wise? Did she attain life's true prize? You decide. As for her friends, will they stay blue, are they through? Absolutely not for The LORD will give you another shot. You see, some people from a distance can spot their crown and some it takes a beat down, but they make very good preachers and teachers, cause what better way to know the format then, Been There Done That.

So, it doesn't matter about this twisted society, wisdom do come in different varieties and your crown, you can envision. because In this life it's totally your decision. BE WISE.