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This poem is about the wonderful feeling I get when writing or when a new poem comes to mind.

This Feeling What is this feeling that's so deep inside that's getting harder and harder to hide? Where did it come from, I really don't know but this feeling is real and I'm good to go. So where did it come from, is it from church or is it the Holy Spirit that's truly at work, it hard to explain but I know this feeling inside is not in vain. I love this feeling that feel so strange so I can't complain I just wish this feeling would remain. Now I feel that this feeling is coming from high, yes it's coming from Heaven because it make me want to rise and fly. I get other feeling that come and go but this feeling inside makes me want to solo. So what's it about this feeling that's so demanding I just pray to The Lord and ask for understanding. Then I look up above and hear a voice say it's a gift my son just take it and run. Now I know this feeling that's so deep within comes from above from a really good and true friend.

Shareby Milton L Robertson29 Jan 2017