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For all of us who thought we had it going on but life showed us we were dead wrong.

Making very good teachers and preachers. For what better way to know the format then been there, done that.

The Jaws Of Life

Shareby Milton L Robertson12 Feb 2017

So you thought you were the stuff, ruff, tuff couldn't get enough. Wheeling, dealing even stealing trying to get rid of that low feeling. You want to be rich but there's a hitch, it's a straight bitch, you run into a glitch, so you switch, turn counterfeit, writing bad checks wearing a Bolex, even try to sell sex loose all respect.

Now with your new found friends smoking lots of dope drinking expensive gin. Hanging, slanging even start banging, falling deeper into sin, knowing you could eather get dead or end up in the pen but you don't give in. Still hanging tuff life calls your bluff, wind up in handcuffs, turn into a creampuff.

Don't know how you came through, go back to being the dame old you, find yourself in another bind because you,re not paying attention to the warning signs, keep jiving and conniving walking a very thin line.

Continue to kick it on up, till you run out of luck, you've spent your last buck and stuck lick Chuck. Now you want to turn the page but you've become a slave all that mess is no longer fun, say I'm going to change, easer said than done.

You're geeking, tweaking don't know what you're seeking. Skinning, grinning always loosing never winning. At yourself you take a good look, you can see your goose is cooked cause you've been hooked. So tired of feeling depraved but you can't shake that crave.

Ask where will it end... In The Grave Slave. Then you hear the voice of change, which you ignore, again you score, find yoursekf back on the floor, can't take it any more. So you look to the sky, ask, Lord why me, because you are your best friend and your worst enemy. This is why you have a Saviour to set you free.

Finally, you start to wake-up and listen at last cause you have found, a hard head will make a soft ass. In order to live right you must fight the good fight and not be devoured by. The Jaws Of Life. So the next time you hear that voice in your head but you do what you want instead, then find yourself falling and falling. Stop Stonewalling, IT'S GOD CALLING.