Match One pt. 2

Imageby Raven Armstrong22 Apr 2014

"Yo guys can you just drop me off at home...I have something I need to do." Evette had just invited me to smoke with her. Years ago a blunt would never curse her lips, now I sit and stare at her language that spoke of change. " what?! Your not coming to the party?!" Asked Lisa. "'s just that something came up...I'll text you guys as soon as I'm done.." I said, truth is David, Lisa,and Evette rarely got along much. To them she was my Kryptonite and was too closed minded for their comfort. She didn't like drugs,drinking, excessive partying and etc., these were things we we're known to do. However, when we met our bond is what held us together. She was beautiful and had the qualities of an angel. She was all good and I in a sense was all bad and like the tai chi Chinese symbol, because of her, my good exist and because of me, her bad had awoke. Opposite of David & Lisa, she believed they were my Kryptonite, that my friends and my lifestyle would turn bad and I should stop my ways. Neither side suggested that I end it with either but I could tell that's what it was turning into. Me choosing between my best-friends and the girl I had fell madly in love with. It didn't matter, because Evette had made up her mind herself. She was leaving far far away and I was here all alone. " Fine. Were going to drop you off but your going to have to find a ride there yourself...I'm going to be way too stoned to make it back this way til in the morning." Said David. " that's fine" I said. It had been a year, a few text with no emotion and no feelings exchanged throughout and now she was back. I looked down at my phone and typed. " 20 minutes. I'll meet you at our spot." Our spot...feels weird saying it because since her departure it's been my spot. I stop going because I realized I was still holding on to something she had let go. We pulled up next to my car in the parking lot of the apartment. "thanks guys. I'll see you later" I said as I exited David's blue maxima. As they got ready to pull off I came to a hault and screamed " wait!" The car stopped and I walked up to the door I had just exited and opened it and said " I forgot my phone haha" " god. Wtf" laughed Lisa. I got the phone and begin to walk to my car. I looked down at a text sent from Evette that said " I'm already here"