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My idea of having a pure heart

Pure hearted

Pz-avatarby Sean Mitropanopoulos19 Dec 2018

For the heart to be pure ,
to me is to be honest and sincere .
And that starts with the person in the mirror .without malice or evil intent but being divine like a heavenly sent.
Putting ego aside and knowing the true beauty that inhabits inside .
having that lovers love seeing beauty in all loving all imperfections even the flaws. where the littlest miracles even leave you in awe.
not afraid to show emotion, knowing everyone is one, just like the ocean.
see that everything is grand even the broken .
Know that we are all the key the golden token.
And can spread love so vast , but delivering it softspoken.
and have faith that there's no limit on love so need for hoping.
no need to compete or have someone to beat, cancel out cheat and bless what you eat.
and most importantly dance to the rhyme of that beautiful pure heart beat.