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If you've ever gotten mixed signals from someone you would fuck but would not date, you already know what this poem says. If not, you probably never will.

i hesitate to ask

Pz-avatarby Dmitri Komkov19 Jun 2017

every time you call my body a masterpiece i have to wonder
if you would appreciate the vessel more or less
had the waves that carry it been a different degree of violent;
for only maelstroms caress my thighs, and only sharks keep company
and you?
you're just a sailor, boy.
you got a mermaid painted on the back of your old car and you think this fixes everything:
you think you can throw your words at me and i will swim right to you,
don't you?
beware of me,
for i have made friends with the creatures in the ocean
that no one has invented names for yet;
for i have dedicated dream and fear to gods way older than your lust
and it is not for you to call me baby
but still, i hesitate to ask: who taught you
that your sweet nothings could persuade the winds
to blow a ship in a direction other than its course
who taught you not to ask but to presume that wanting me
amounts to having me
who taught you you can trap a siren, boy?
was it your mother, was it a past love, was it a holy text, was it another form of lie?
i'd tell you, steer me as you see fit
only to wave at you as you try desperately not to drown,
grin down at your misfortune from a rock that's been my solace
way before you were conceived...
if only empathy wasn't my burden
they never write us as if we can feel, we're always succubi-alike,
just charming monsters
but there's a bruised-blue heart somewhere inside me,
a heart that's never been accounted for by singers, a heart that tells me
let him go. tell him off, crush his spirit if you have to
but draw him not too near the water,
for he might fool himself but he will drown,
none of the men like him know how to swim
i'll do it if i have to, boy.
i'm sorry, but it's getting late and i am getting tired of your games
and the waves round here are ever hungry
turn your boat over and row it lightning fast away
i will remember you, if this consoles -
might even sing your nothings in a song