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My description of romance at sea-site, Many may question but that's what I like :)

Romance at shores (Sonnet)

Memories_3by M Jamal21 Jun 2015

Dancing in moonlight, heart skips a beat,

Her hands caressing my serene face,

Holding her close to me, a definite retreat,

My superego embracing her grace;

She puts her head upon my shoulder,

I see a glow in her eyes, smiling facial parenthesis,

Makes me calmer, confident as a boulder,

Delightful themes of witnessing that love thesis;

While I open my lips to say,

Blushing, she puts a finger on my lips,

And kisses me with love, at bay,

Eyes of mine close, in tranquilizing dips;

Treasure and remembering, little pearls of moments,

Gruesome are routine charades, life's pathetic torments;