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This was one of my first poems published on social media a few years back for others to read. These are mostly melancholic thoughts when I reflected on the last 15 years.

Where Have You Gone?

Fb_img_1587393045535by MJ Nella13 Jan 2021

Where have you gone, my friend? I fear that you have lost me.
I have roamed the halls of where our friendship used to be.
No evidence was found. Save for memories, nothing remains.
Now there are new friends there and it will soon be the same.

Where have you gone, my summer sun? I have been made cold.
I forsook friend and family with conviction to get His story told.
New bonds were forged. Some became family, others simply friends.
Tears I cried on the last day because I knew I would not see them again.

Where have you gone, my brother in arms? I have not deserted my post.
I remember well your service, but that wound in my back is what hurts most.
It was without warning. Perhaps I should have known it would come to this.
You did not get your 30 pieces of silver but I still care about you, Judas.

Where have you gone, my muse? I fear that the love I had is dying.
I have waited for you to come around and put an end to the lying.
The bleeding has stopped. Hollow I continue to fight the good fight.
The Champion of Logic surrenders to faith that one day all will be made right.

Where have you gone, my promise? I have failed you again.
I made haste with my words and was not what I should have been.
You should have stopped loving me. You proved that you are true.
In complete darkness, I would have been forever lost if not for You!