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for my friends 60th birthday

Sixty Shades of Red

2011-11-27_10.51.26by Moira Deslandes04 Jun 2017

A table top where eagles nest
And the tiniest of creatures burrow and bloom
There is a mesa woman
With sky miles from Broken Hill to Marrakesh
Casting an ochre shadow on the horizon; and
Petting Irish Setters on the couch.

The river runs red from the heart centre
Transforms to fuchsia on the lips
Tomato sauce on the homemade pasties
Persian pink delight generously hidden in footnotes.
Finger tip flames to point and punctuate
And rusty sand found between toes.

Stop signs are invitations
The pulse racing releases strength and power
Yet the body may have other ideas.
Lungs, the pinkest of organs, the messenger
Time to rest, smell the roses, take a dip.

From the ranch of dreams
Passion granted girls, one and two
Sojourning with family, friends and fellow travellers
Passports into many territories –inside and out
Bringing borders closer while distance stays the same
More kiaros than chaos
More Venus than Mars.

Chasms, ditches, puddles, pools
Stars, stripes and spangles
Anger, desire, sexy – red delivers all and often.
A red for every occasion
A red for every location
A red for every opinion.
Sixty shades of red.