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My mother and her friend in Europe had a nasty encounter somewhere between Calais and Paris. Distracted, travel documents were stolen.

Ceil Rouge Dans Le Matin

2011-11-27_10.51.26by Moira Deslandes27 May 2014

The glistening golden band winked in the sunlight
Placed carefully on the slippery soapy surface
A Samaritan, the mark, searched for the finger on which the ring belonged.
Meanwhile … the organ-grinder deftly picked and pocketed Euros and a passport.

Phone calls, emails, credit card cancellation
Embassy visit, photos, delayed destination
Octogenarian and septuagenarian
On. Another. Generation.

Waving off the humiliation, while coffee is made,
The sunlight skips across the crack in the pavement.
In a café in Lucerne
As the choice between casino and cathedral have equal value.