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Written several years ago when the drought of the land finally gave way and sad news came with it.

One good rain

2011-11-27_10.51.26by Moira Deslandes23 Nov 2014

One good rain

Grief hangs heavy in the air.

The clouds gather
Threatening like a drunk in the city on a Saturday night – could be harmless could be lethal.

The body is yearning to weep;
To sob.

The whole body,
All of heaven and earth.

The whole body weeps,

After drought;
Tears bring healing.

An electrical storm sweeps through the whole body.

Zipping, zapping
Through synapses
Unlocking all energy,

Energy once trapped,
Once stored.

Just like the cop talking the drunk down
So too are the clouds being coached to turn into rain,
Turning now into tears.

You do know don’t you that can experience a storm
in the desert
without rain?

The body aches,
Cracks appear.

The earth aches,
Cracks appear.

Rains fall
Tears fall
The drought is over.

The earth begins to heal.
The body begins to heal.

Has it broken?

Ah we all know …

One good rain
Doesn’t mean the drought is over.