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For Rosie Batty - my Australian of the year

For Rosie

2011-11-27_10.51.26by Moira Deslandes09 Jan 2015

Friendly fire
Collateral damage
My son. Dead.

You have drained the life out of me
A modern day Dracula.
To stave off the dying,
even though parts of you are already

I dread. I quake. I lie awake.
You come. you take. you pontificate.

The eclipse comes and shuts out the sun.
My moon, my stars go out - one by one
The last one bursts
the night sky spins,
what has been done,
What is to come.
I bleed.

This is a conversation that must be had
What's with blokes who are murderers and not dads?
Man up Australia
This epidemic is legitimised -
It's not domestic violence - it is infanticide.
Man up Australia
How many more mums clutching in fear
Hugging in close who they hold most dear?
Man up Australia
Where's your empathy?
Walk in my shoes and you'd see things differently
Man up Australia
A punch drunk kid king hit in the dark
When it's your kids you leave more than a mark
Man up Australia
This just can't go on
Our kids left bleeding, some gone
Man up Australia