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Alcoholism can tear a family apart.


Img_20150723_171129by M. E. Roland26 Jul 2016

Sick to my stomach
trippin on your vomit,
behavior, and lies.

How do you sleep at night
while your liver is drowning
the purity and good in life?

Are you tethered?
Are you too far weathered
in that can of clouded vision?

Pop another tab.
Buff your welcome mat
laid for bad decisions,
and let it shine
like pyrite in the noonday sun.

Usher in the gin and tonic
dressed in tails,
smooth and toxic.
And let it burn you down.

But don't you dare try to
take my children with you.

Because if you do,
those tabs you'll be poppin,
won't belong to those
cloud-filled cans.

Oh hell no.