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Lost love, unbridled connections that last a life time...

The One That Got Away

Img_20150723_171129by M. E. Roland26 Jan 2015

Long, brown locks..
the color of earthen love.
That kind of love
found once, maybe twice
in an entire lifetime.
Tattooed legs that
danced in the
effervescent moonlight...
by the campfire.
She was so unafraid
of the naysayers.
She was his nemesis and savior
wrapped up in one
complete girl.
He, with his blazing red
curls and piercing blue eyes
just couldn't compromise
all of the good times
melted into her arms.
Warm summer air wafted
through the windows
of fantastic,
days gone by memories
and he ran.
He ran fast...
But, he always turned back
to have another look.
She, the babbling brook,
the fluid retainer of his
former self...
He remembered everything.
The heat, the friction,
the magnetic soul connection,
and how she ferociously stirred him.
She made him feel so alive!
She was his beautiful
White Witch, and she loved him.
The torch was carried for years,
but life carried her further
than she ever wanted
and snuffed out the
flames with games of
fucked up relationships.
She often looked for his
reflection in the puddles
of yesterday...but the ripples
were never there.
Sure, she would toss the
wishing stones,
and listened to
their echoed thud
in the mud