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I'm not sure this needs an intro. Right at this moment, the sun is shining...the wind is howling...and I wait to pick my children up from school.

Time Machining

Img_20150723_171129by M. E. Roland11 Feb 2015

The blue swirly slide
on the school playground

Beckoning a distant time
when the streets flooded
with rain,
and I pulled my pant legs up
to dance down the avenue.
I sloshed in the dirty water,
heeded my Mother's warning
to stay clear of the sewers
as I kicked through
floating sticks that sailed
like mighty barges
on the Mississippi.
Crinkled brown leaves
stuck to my knees
as I smiled at the river
that was my front street.
I sat on the drowning pavement
and I was Queen of the Nile.
All hail my watery fortress!

I want this blue slide,
here on the playground,
to machine me some time
to use the way I want.