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The simplicity of life through the life of a moth.

Flight of the Moth

Pz-avatarby Jack Oat21 Jan 2014

My mortality beckons me
The evils I lust for draw me in
As I draw nearer, the purifying light
Purges me of all of my sins

The tattered silk I leave behind
Worn, ravaged, soiled, used
it serves me no purpose now
but this new, it has my number

My home, my nourishment, my everything
First I took advantage and then I took granted
Why do we leave the safety of the things we know and trust
to chase the fire of passion and lust

I find salvation in the illumination
Sands in the hour glass slip through the crevice of time
As the end approaches, I embrace, not fight
Because I know I made all the right moves, but to the wrong light