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Observing oak trees for many years now from acorn to established, strong, beautiful oak tree...I admire their strength, persistence, and beauty...

Little oak trees

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur12 Aug 2013

In spring countless little oaks
Trying to grow in grass, everywhere.
Buried here and there by squirrels,
Absentmindedly left uneaten in winter.
Little acorns want to grow stubbornly

To become mighty oak trees like their
Family of Quercus robur L. common oak
In my chaotic, woody garden.
To reach hundreds of years,
Protection of birds nests, shadow to all.

Cultivate together with the ash,elm,
Hornbeam and lime.
Anchor deep in the earth with vast roots.
Little oak trees absorb the humidity
Eagerly and slowly to touch the skies...

Observed them from tiny to mighty
Demanding nothing but rain and sun
Little oak trees are now grown
Enriching the garden with their acorns
Bound to mature into new little oak trees...