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Summer Heat

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur09 Oct 2016

No escape from scorching, withering
green leaves turn to autumn leaves...
No dew drops, no solacing cool rain
only blue skies with the brightest sun.
If I were living in a city,
I'd search for the coolest parks
without noticing what goes
there after the closing hours
to keep it so cool, and so green...
Yet I do not!
Countryside is now in autumn clothes
yellow everywhere as if harvest time.
Without straw bales lying around to dry
Grass couldn't grow, could make none ...
No tractor to be seen carrying hay
or proud farmers driving them happy!
Each time used to run to road in awe
admiring this artwork of man and machine...
Different summer, different times
nature never ceases to amaze...