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Last Sunday I saw "dead" bees on echinacea blooms, alarmed, shared it with my friends. Waited patiently, got my reward. They were camping there, they flew away with the first rays of sun. Happiness in its simplicity!

My sunny Sunday

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur13 Aug 2013

Woke up to a crisp August day,
Sun was shining, birds were hungry
Time long past to feed them
Crows screeching over head
"Where have you been, were you dead?"
Soon diving on food, fighting for
With jays, magpies, little birds afar
Day started, better hurry to feed them all.
Sun wakes the bumblebees
Fallen asleep on echinacea,
Thinking they're dead I cry
Be quick for some pictures
Soon it will be too bright.
Uplifting mood birds or flowers
Still to decide while running around
Absorbing with great joy what I witness
Never the same or boring or less
Au contraire loving everything more
With each passing day but now
Serve the birds something to drink.
It is a great happening each day
They ascend wings beating rapidly
To avoid this human at all cost.
This all will repeat itself later in the day
And in between? Enjoy everything
To my hearts content all the hours of the day,
All the days of my existence ...