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This a celebration of all the birds living and sharing life with me in my garden.

Birds about

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur18 Aug 2013

Hate to brag won't be doing it here
Just listing the birds I daily see.
Only to find out whether you're jealous..
Or accusing me of lying, so ready?
(Neither a birder nor over- zealous )
Love and admire these
Miraculous creatures that can hop,peck, dive, glide
Sing, screech, wade, migrate and fly,
Strong yet fragile
Meeting elements of nature
Without complaint, they mostly survive...
Buzzard in winter after birds' food
And now leaves gifts behind:
(Much to my disgust) feathers of its prey.
Our nocturnal friend tawny owl's nest
Here to return,to raise three
Non-stop crying owlets each year..
It is quiet when they are fledged,
Even constant cries can be missed, weird!
Never seen cuckoo but heard, announcing
Summer too early or too late
According to the villagers...
"Peanuts are for me" thinks woodpecker
Only Great Spotted type lives about
Annoying nuthatch, the Tits coal, blue and great...
Green finches, yellowhammer on the ground,
Meadow pipit, house sparrow, wren,
Robin, dunnock, all flying around
Searching, enjoying what they find.
Before sunset swallows fly over head
In flocks, with grace and elegance.
Forgot to mention rooks, blackbirds
Always probing the ground for earthworms...
Chaffinches, greenfinches and hawfinches
Shy and difficult to observe, after berries
Share pinecones, hazelnuts with squirrels..
And love to watch swifts in constant flight...
Wood pigeons seen only in winter,
Collared ones almost every day.
Crows attacking jay chicks just fledged
Was observed with terror, leaving
Some lame behind, this harsh truth of nature
And constant fights of jays and magpies
Take away the pleasure of having
So many birds in my garden...