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We all build a cocoon around us as a protection from all sorts of unpleasant things and persons. Are we avoiding them? Maybe. As long as we feel happy, content in our small world...I love my cocoon...


Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur17 Aug 2015

I am in my cocoon,
the safest place on earth.
The beauties parade
visible to me and evade
the total darkness.
Kind greetings twice a day:
to start and end my stay
in my pale yellow papery cocoon...
Sun rays, raindrops, gentle breeze
they all pass me by with ease.
Birds orchestrate serenades for all
angry squirrel as annoying choral.
Will ignore human shouts, barking
of village dogs in the full moon
once I am in my cocoon,
the safest place on earth!