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To understand this very short attempt, one should read J. Muir. My words are incapable of describing him. But I do admire him endlessly...

To John Muir

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur06 Nov 2013

Born in Dunbar, in beloved Scotland
Founder of conservation, lover of Nature.
"Defender of wilderness" to preserve and protect
Wildlife throughout his life, cared about nature
More than anyone else in this world...
Not only to us after two centuries, to all mankind
-constantly his works at hand- am now
Reading, studying, trying, coming to understand
What he meant to Nature and to this world.
Each word, sentence with a profound meaning
Just the beauty of words, the scenery they describe
Takes you promptly back to his time, also our time
Because whatever he wrote remains timeless,
True to today and for coming generations...
Devoted all his life to change, influence
The contemporary conception and he is timeless...
One should study his books, savour all of them,
Read on, converse about them, most of all perceive
How that he was Nature and Nature was him...