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Life in the garden this summer

My World

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur27 Aug 2013

Enjoyed this summer more than ever
Nobody disturbed my peace and quiet
Could rediscover myself and more:
Infatuated, heart broken, back to reality,
Mine that of trees and flowers,
Birds and the bees, all in its serenity
To keep me company.
My books, music, and faerie friends
All around demanding nothing
Been pleasant, socialized, in thousand
Yet remained true to me and my world.
Dealt every difficulty with ease
For worldly goods worked hard
In my world not in fairyland.
Still in the boundaries of my garden
With friends: rabbits and squirrels
All the feathery ones, butterflies...
Where we leave each other alone,
Respect, love in each one's limits. Still
Untouched as my real name suggests .
In peace, in love, on this plot of land.
Go away from all any time I want
But in fact I won't
This is my heaven on earth,
As close as anyone can get,
Happy, healthy, loved, content...