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Such bloody times for British wildlife...


Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur28 Aug 2013

Once upon a time we were happy
What have we done to upset politicians?
We were simply badgers...

Our beautiful lives come to an end
Did we really deserve to die?
Our faith is in your hands. But
"You can never wash" our blood away
Animal lovers will never forget!

It's easy to wipe us out by brutal force
From the fields across the country,
But wilderness will never recover
From this cruel, senseless massacre.
Yes massacre, no other word can describe
What's happening deep in the night.

Our pain will also be your pain
If we all die,so does trust in humanity!
Bloodshed for which reason?
Unjustified, heartless slaughter.

Then our species will only be in books,
In photos you took once in the woods.
When we suffer, all nature lovers suffer
You will have a story of a sad badger
To reveal one day to your children.

Sorry beautiful badgers, we apologise,
First time in our lives ashamed to be
One of their kind, so called human
Who decided badgers to exterminate
Please forgive us not changing your faith.

Our thoughts, our love, our tears for
You badgers tonight, every night
Until this madness stops...

Then we will meet again
As we have always done
In the greenest woods of Britain...