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Pure fantasy...

After I am gone

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur29 Aug 2013

Don't you ever feel guilty!
It wasn't your hand, did it
You'd stop it, if you had known
Your sensitive, artistic soul
Would object with its whole being.

It is sad to say good-bye to life
Once I believed it "precious"
"Once in a life time" thing.
Was born, lived, now done with,
Sad being no more...

Look what you can create
Out of this tragic event.
You can write a new book,
Enough sensation, write again.

You can compose a new song,
A sad love story, the saddest part for me.
Sing it as you feel it, I'm sure you will.
And I am sure it won't be difficult
After I am gone..

You can paint a portrait of me,
For everyone to see.
You can dedicate a plant
Make sure you use my real name.

Oh, sorry I already exist:
As a slender, insignificant tree.
That's right, it's me and also this
You'll find out, after I am gone...