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It is dedicated to once a dear friend.

Time is precious

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur12 Sep 2013

To connect with the soul of
Another human being is
Exhilarating, unique, amazing,
Sincere, unselfish, breathtaking.

In a state of euphoria, not walking,
Swaying sometimes in ecstasy..
There's singing in my head of
A soft, lovely voice, stirring me...

Dream continues, don't you ever
Wake me up, this isn't real,
Sleep's so sweet, dreams are sweeter...

Your words "Time is precious."
If you only knew how precious!
My soul doesn't want to leave yours
But I must, ancestors keep calling me
To a place of no return, no clemency.

You'll remain on earth unaware of all this
Enjoy life, love, write, sing, just be busy,
Work twenty hours a day then get angry...

I'll look after and protect you
As your own guardian angel
Will be nearer to you than on earth
What else is there here to live for?
So far from you, so much in love
If it's so, then I would rather die...