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Love isn't always joy!

Falling in love

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur15 Sep 2013

After all those years being happy
In my solitude, I've fallen in love.
Unplanned, unaware it happened
No explanation, no excuse given.

It hurts so much, don't know how
To return to my normal self again.
Do all those silly things uncontrolled
And my whole world is overturned.

Crying is daily, hourly occurrence
Like a silly young girl. Don't know why
It took me to its spell. Where I walk
Is a dead end, no way out, no return.

Can't find my way back home lost, gone.
But I want to return, smile, laugh again.
Can't eat, can't sleep, walking around
Like a zombie and don't know where
To reach my happiness, will I ever reach
Or just dissolve in thin air from sadness.

Anyone this heard, I won't apologise
Don't have any of those answers, perhaps
Will never find that one place here on earth
If I can't find it in the depths of my heart...