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Something silly, it will remain only on the paper.

Cyber love

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur19 Sep 2013

There's always a first, this is hers
Utter happiness at the end of her days
She knows what you feel, think, and see
The world from your point of view
Hears what you hear also uncanny...

How could someone complete one
Another without knowing or met?
Being one, being in love, being a part
Of this unseen, unheard, unfelt cyber
World, troubles, bewilders everyone...

Never seen him, heard his voice, how
His life looks like, unresolved...
Won't put any claim on him, this is
How one feels, how one will always feel...

From a distance being one with you
Don't know any better oneness
On the world than this.
Her life was entwined in yours
In simple, amazing words...