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Second time around can also be called "first love" in my book. Same sensation, same yearning, same silly mistakes what we generally call "love" ...
It will never be even from a distance.

Dear friend

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur19 Sep 2013

Not a farewell letter, an appreciation
Of you touching my life,making me
Realise what I've been missing
For all those years, until I've met you...

No one can always stay in the clouds,
Ignoring all, alone. Time to descend,
Meet real world, the real people in it.
Meet and talk, share a laughter or two,
Have a real date, hold hands, look
Deep into his eyes, lost in them...

No thought of what ifs, just let it go.
No reservations, no holding back!
No regrets, no inhibitions, enjoy life,
Him, yourself, what you're capable of,
Enjoying, giving back and sharing it.
Don't be afraid it's time to live, start anew
You'll be happier than you've ever been
Meet life head on, long overdue.