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To Nature's Parliament with respect...

Nature's Joy

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur29 Sep 2013

A perfect morning: getting up early
Before birds, listen to their little chat
Be one with nature, sit under an oak
Also grateful,take all this in and evoke
All your memories, knowing that
You're one of them, you're nature...

If you want to see more, walk about
Through woods, be all ears and eyes
Don't miss a thing, don't let them go by
Without you breathing them in and out...

See rabbits, squirrels before they realise
You're trespassing, let them recognise
You're one of them, but they feel it before
Won't escape from you, they just observe
And ignore you, that's all true, so explore
All the time, you're a friend, not an invader.

If you want to be delirious on a grand scale,
Place yourself further, deeper into the forests
You'll see more: foxes, badgers in freedom,
Boars passing majestically in big groups...
If you stand still, away from their path
They won't harm you, even tolerate you being
In their woods, in their natural habitat.
Deers, hares, pheasants, all at different pace.
Animals go about their ways, not you seeing...

In early mornings, and only then warming up
To this country, until hunting season may start
Woods then will be forbidden to every one of us
Killing begins under the name of genteel sport.

Shouting, whistling, barking hunting dogs...
No peace and quiet even inside four walls.
When the shooting roars, scared animals running
Petrifying my cat and me, hunting horns blow
Then falls whole nature in deep mourning...

Correction: early morning's nature joy is just
Out of hunting season in my neck of the woods..
Still don't like this country, one lastly concludes
Despite of diversity, not mine, living here I must!