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So unfamiliar with it.
Love, loving, being loved,
Thus, I can't write about it...

About love

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur09 Oct 2013

Deep down full with flames of love,
Don't think for a second too old
Watching there a lovely pair of dove
They symbolise eternal love I'm told.

Where is my other loving half?
Am I searching him on a wrong corner?
A happy soul, familiar to smiles and laugh
Gentle, but firm with a great sense of humour...

Actually not searching for him at all
He has found his place in my heart and thoughts
Standing with a childish smile, yet manly and tall
Feeling quite confident, approaches and freely courts...

Quick-witted, charming, Jack of all trades
Nothing escapes him, successful in everything
Fierce, no faint-hearted, but only one he afraids
Losing his beloved to someone else, unforgiving.

Child in him amuses, makes me always laugh
Wish we could kick Autumn leaves together,
Read the book he loves most and on his behalf
Smell, pick, gather each flower in all weather...