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Love is blind, as they say, no disrespect to visually impaired. But it is!

Ghosts 2

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur20 Oct 2013

I will cry in silence, won't bother you ever
What goes on in inner me is my dilemma
"Time is precious " can't live here forever
Where I go, will be judged by my karma.

You wouldn't hear, disappear in the thick mist
To your ghosts to transform into an annoying
Unloving,calculated being, impossible to resist
To haunt me eternally, loving it and enjoying.

Still can't reach you in any way, life without you
Sad, colourless. meaningless and no life at all...
Please God forgive me what I am about to do
-Willing to change to be a ghost- Here's my soul!