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To the past, gone forever ...

Am I not worthy?

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur08 Dec 2013

Am I not worthy of your attention,
Whatever I do, escapes you, unnoticed,
Why do I have to feel always left behind.
What is wrong with you or with me:
Do I have to be told a lesson?

I know one thing for sure, can't do this anymore
You go to your ways as usual, ignoring me
Give with one hand, take away with the other
Stop! This has gone long enough...It is war!
Who is going to turn a blind eye to whom in awe.

You have lost only thing I had for you: respect!
Gaining it back is not going to happen,
You will not even notice that I am gone
When you do, then it is already too late
Turned my back to everything , I am done!