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Silence can be a pleasure of a frightening experience. I love silence, such a joy...


Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur11 Nov 2013

A deafening silence all around
Even the crow helping itself to peanuts
Won't even call at me, turns its head
Back to delicious food in silence...
No wind, pine pins are quietly dripping
Last night's rain drops in silence, shining.
Where are the birds? Is it a premonition?
A rare feeling all nature abides...

And the silence... Your silence hurting,
Makes me wonder where you are,
What are you up to, am I still in your world,
Have I silently disappeared into your past?
Your silence not helping my self-esteem
Small voice inside begs me to wait, be patient
Don't give up on you yet, it's on your side.
Then I'll be waiting your return in silence...