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There's almost always a way out, so I hope...

In the darkness

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur13 Nov 2013

Footsteps on dry autumn leaves approaching,
Frozen, can't move, can't see a thing in darkness
Heart beatings with footsteps create death music
Wish I could dash home, lock the door, call for help
Wish I had my dog by now, wish so many things...
There he is, a tall man, almost faceless in the dark
Hands forward me a white trembling cat, it's ET!!
"Is this your cat, I've almost hit it on the road, please
Take it for I am terribly allergic to dogs and cats..."
Handing over my wet cat, he silently leaves garden.
I can't hear any footsteps, heart's not pounding like
Crazy anymore, ET clutching in my blouse so silent!
Both needing warmth of open fire we go home, happy...