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Irrepricable what I witness in Nature. So overwhelmed by the beauty of Nature in Autumn, it makes me very happy...
To my dear friend Jennie!

A journey

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur18 Nov 2013

Through the woods in a fairyland mist
Cannot cover the burning leaves, vibrant,
Radiant to the moodiest green of the pines
Now oaks, then ash trees and beeches...

Hear the saddest melody, eerie notes as whispers
Every leaf is a burning flame of joy to see
Not an end to an ephemeral beauty
Delight to everyone on Autumn captures...

Mind possesses the most striking paintings:
Autumn colours, everlasting greens, nature's
Breathtaking, irrepricable exquisiteness.
Engraved in memory these journeys persevere...