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To beautiful Ireland I love...

St Patrick's Land

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur05 Dec 2013

Small, green, oh so beautiful country
Just the matter of lacking trees really.
Surrounded by the bluest seas, even ocean, if
Only people would stay living in, not leaving.

I knew once a tall dark man from Kilkenny
Handsome, lean and fitness loving family soul
Thought I was beautiful, clever, hard working
Not good enough being seen with or networking.

One should always say goodbyes politely,
Turning around going your way is not cool.
Humans are not tissues to throw carelessly away
Not to mention broken hearts, feeling a fool...

It is so wrong, have strong beliefs, act opposite!
Scared to death, still in sin, needed always confession
Behaved, very well educated, well read and exquisite
Never knew what he did, what was his profession.

Gone now, flown away with the strong winds
To Irish seashore, to his beloved, ancient castle...
We will not be seeing him ever or prescience
Of his remarks, his insecurity nor his sandcastle.