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To nature! Grateful for all the things given to us by our mother...

Nature's miracles

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur23 Dec 2013

Ever heard strong winds
Going through pine pins
While just under them?
The symphonic orchestral music,
Pounding heart, sound and show.
Dancing branches in costumes of
Light and dark greens...
Nature's perfect harmonious sound..
The winds will not allow rain
A few drops get away...
Raindrops on your hair, wind
The best picture with you in it...
The squirrel eating peanuts in
Its tiny hands, enjoying : a miracle.
The hedgehogs, a family of three
Running for their shelter, well fed.
Birds trying to fly against winds
Picking their first bite of the morning
In that half light, still singing,
Letting us know : I have survived yet
Another harsh night on those bare trees...
The crow bouncing on top of a tree,
Not afraid, dancing like a ballerina...
More miracles..
Dark clouds taking over the sky.
And just passed winter solstice...
Days will get longer by a minute or two
Sometimes more, everyday...
This music touching soul gives strength
Brings humans, birds, all animals
To an eternal peace..
Winds will die down by dawn,
My soul will not rest,
Desiring more, loving more
Of nature's miracles...
Since the whole nature is a miracle
Before our eyes: bit by bit, it is for us
To see and enjoy every part of
This miraculous, beautiful world.