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Yesterday's storm...07/02/2014

Storm in the garden

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur08 Feb 2014

With howling winds
Pines parting from their branches,
Brave birds still singing
To the tune of skies,
Bearing dark and heavy rain clouds,
Nature is today in a stormy mood...
Pinus pinea bowing unwillingly,
Last dry leaves circling with winds
All around from bare oak trees...
Discreet buds greeting the day
of Weigela...
Emancipation of moles:
Endless molehills crying freedom!
This is my garden where
Nature rules...
Blustery winds showing the soul
Of respectful bamboo shoots,
Dancing with ease and grace,
Bowing to gusts in elegance...

A superior power evermore
Brings harmony to my world
In the midst of an evil furore...