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Written a while ago yet still very much alive and hurting...


Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur27 Mar 2014

Desire to listen to your tune,
Love I have for you,
In no hurry to lessen...
Want to forget, start anew
For months on end,
Yet there's no end.
Obstinate feelings,
willful urges
Know no judgement.
Why is there a reason
not to love you?
Ending my days with
this perfect feeling
is an excellent way of living
with you on my mind...
Want to be left alone,
from me, my restrictions.
Want to love you freely
as long as I can...
Even teardrops falling now
please me endlessly.
You, me, my love, tears,
they all belong together
and give me ultimate happiness,
only without you...