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That special person is always on your mind as long as you live...

A Peaceful Day

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur18 May 2014

If you just ignore that
Car horn from the distance
Quiet, peaceful with birds only.
Here and there an angry dog,
ET isn’t amused, we love silence.
Farmers work on Sundays,
As they have a proper job
To live on the other days …
A tractor passes by, back to
Bees, flies, birds, that dog,
An odd car disappears.
Should be pottering, I should!
Who's going to keep an eye
on my hurting cat then?
Not a bad life, in fact, a good one!
A breeze on my face, eyes closed
That's the happiness I've always
Wished for, a partner, a house
tranquility, a scenery to gaze.
and to forget time, seasons, world.
Cannot forget you, I wish I could...