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In lost time, there is gain...

A New Dawn

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur19 May 2014

Waking up to a new dawn
A breeze from the West
As if I've been sick a while
Drowsy, yet feeling best.

Lost five months of my life
Gained fascinating insights
into humans: good and bad...
Now waking up to a new dawn.

Still something lost in me:
Trust, goodwill, and love most
of all; won't fall in love anymore,
May be a bit, a bit more, almost!

Real world is harsh, merciless
I better go back to bed to sleep
to search for my prince in my
own dreams, a short time to keep.

My happiness is all around me
Wherever I look, with beauty adorn
Birds, flowers, leaves of the trees...
Soon I'll be waking up to a new dawn...