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Childhood memories...

Day Dreaming

Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur29 May 2014

Small hands holding puppies;
smiling to camera, innocent,
sweet little girls unaware of
life's chain of events, happy...
"Mummy, daddy this is mine!"
Running around in circles;
puppies too; young, children...
Holding brother by the hand
"Come, play with us, puppies!
He fancies the kittens more...
A happy family to afternoon sun,
In the middle of nowhere, in nature.
All I remember from my early years.
Still in the middle of nature, no
puppies, or kittens, parents gone,
Left with sweet childhood memories,
in another part of the world, all green.
Bird songs perfect music, appreciated
more than those days, time passed
I am the same, still in love with Nature,
miss my parents, my sister in heaven,
Tears are rolling down my cheeks,
I am a parent now, will my son miss
me one day, in city, in a little garden?
I will never find out, be forever gone...