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Life leads you to happiness or happiness leads your life...


Img_6788__2___hbby Beth Vesseur08 Jun 2014

Being on my own is my happiness
Not a second lonely with bird chorus,
Angry squirrel, shy rabbit couple,
Buzzing bees all around, am I alone?
iPod may stay indoors, better tunes,
Better harmony here, free entry always.
Ice cream van, only man made music,
Same tune again and again, passes by.
Spring turning the rein to hotter summer
Golden times arrive, the best of seasons.
No I am not alone, I am the happiest with
So many natural friends surrounding me,
The greatest community, we are all so free...
The pigeon watches me, wobbling from
My telephone line, says happily: I'm here
Too, to keep you company, until darkness
Falls over high trees, over us, then we all
Fly, jump from branch to branch, walk home.
And comes ET, purring, making funny noises,
To sleep on my outstretched arm: happiness...
Time to reflect, remember the humans I met,
Crossed roads with, nostalgia with smiles,
Loved ones, lost ones, loved and lost ones.
This is a summary of my life, as simple as
All sounds, such a happy and content life it was...